May 25

Top Seven Cool Sunglasses Character from Movies


It seems that there are not so many movies that have characters who wear sunglasses for nearly the whole picture. In other words, cool sunglasses are not necessarily a centralized component to the character. However, there are still some movies that put this element to the film or movie. It is familiar that there are some badasses who wear sunglasses in the movie in order to add certain coolness to them or even something completely annoying. Now, we will take about the following 7 cool sunglasses characters from movies.

Blade-Blade Movies

Blade just would not be so cool without those sunglasses, would he? Someone will ask what kind of sunglasses it is. Someone believes that they look like Oakley frogskins 4 or 4s series. Anyway, we do not know the answers, but we can find some sunglasses with the same appearance with it.

Agent Smith – The Matrix Movies

If you are a serious Matrix fan, or you just like Angent Smith, then you will definitely want to get yourself a pair of sunglasses like Agnt Smith’s Matrix sunglasses. The sunglasses that Agent Smith wear are some of coolest sunglasses you will ever own.

The Terminator – Terminator

Terminator is one of the original badass characters with sunglasses. Unfortunately the character became a bit more commercial in Terminator 2, however I’ll always remember the 1984 Cyborg as being a total badass.

Marion Cobretti- Cobra

I would say the scale of unintentional comedy from the movie Cobra is off the chart. However, you can deny that Stallone with aviator sunglass and a scruffy beard make for a cool character. That and the movie poster were awesome. He wears a pair of aviator sunglasses and with an unused match in his mouth.

Gustafson- Teen Wolf Too

Gustafson is definitely the funniest character on this list. Gustafson was the “bad guy” in Teen Wolf Too. He played a rival boxer from another college who always wore sunglasses when entering the ring. It is pretty ridiculous.

Agent K or Jay – Men in Black

Honest speaking, either one of these guys works for me. I think they are suitable for wearing sunglasses in this film.

Rufus – Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure

I still have a hard time getting over the fact that Rufus was played by George Carlin. Maybe it was the brown hair, or that it’s just impossible to imagine that the stand up George Carlin will be this guy. It was between him and Clarence Williams for this spot. Rufus was more of a featured character though.

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